Bridge Toll (Seed Round)

The Bridge Toll is a mechanism that incurs fee which is burned in the form of the token. In order for seed round investors to liquidate on open exchanges, they will be charged a transfer fee of up to 55%, reducing down over nine months. This fee in the token of our native token will be burned permanently.

The Bridge Toll can be best described as a dynamic lock-up mechanism. If a holder wishes to transfer tokens, they will need to pay a percentage fee for doing so. All fees generated result in tokens being burned. This mechanism is a proxy for the tradition lock-up of tokens, but enables 100% liquidity at the discretion of the token holder. tokens purchased in the Seed and Private tranches will be 100% unlocked upon Token Generation Event, but the seed round will be subjected to a bridge toll schedule - a fee that starts in Month 1 and diminishes each month until Month 9.

For, bonded contracts will hold illiquid tokens; these tokens can be made liquid (i.e. tradeable) by crossing the bridge toll and paying a fee schedule in tokens, which will be burnt for good. The result of this action results in a reduction in the total circulating supply and discourages token holders to hold the tokens.

Ending the Bridge

After nine months, the bridge toll will cease to operate, and seed investors will be free to cross the contracts without penalty, we believe this is fair, and also gives a fair advantage of a nine month run-way to provide evidence and examples of adoption by enterprises that want to use ours tools to integrate and enable their businesses in expanding into new markets.

Bonded <> Unbonded

Bonded to unbonded: There is a dynamic fee using the bridge toll model. This is primarily to prevent dumping and increase community incentivisation and participation, adoption of the enterprise products etc.

For instance, seed investors have the option to cross the bridge with a first month fee of 55% of the tokens transferred that decreases by 20% each month over a period of 9 months. The fees will be calculated and processed by the smart contract automatically and burned by sending to a 0x0 address. While the bridge is drawn down, the burned fees will be taken out of the total supply resulting in an every decreasing total token supply.

Unbonded to bonded: There is a static fee of X tokens which is paid to the validator nodes within the network.

Price Equilibrium

A bridge toll will be present for the first 9 months from launch. Seed investors will have to pay a bridge toll in order to trade and sell. By implementing the bridge toll model, we deter initial liquidations on exchanges as bridge fees are to be paid, especially in the early beginnings of the launch. Why is this fair? The bridge toll is offset by a lower token price given to our seed investors. An equilibrium of fairness is reached and determined by market forces.

Additionally, a price equilibrium is achieved between the seed and the private round, whereby seed investors cannot abuse the price advantage. Lastly, a price floor can be achieved with the private terms and assist the project with reduced price volatility.

Smart Contract Address: 0x635d081fD8F6670135D8a3640E2cF78220787d56 (ADD)

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