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What is is a full-stack DeFi aggregator, plugging in multiple products and DeFi applications into one single platform, focusing on User Experience, Design, Privacy and Anonymity. has never had small dreams. To us, Decentralized Finance (or DEFI) is a belief in absolute freedom. Every other DEFI projects or startups are a half-step towards truly taking control away from corruptible centralized bankers and financial institutions. We are the solution to achieve a total decoupling and true sovereign wealth for everyone with our strong focus on anonymized privacy at the protocol level.

High Level Summary

We started as a DeFi lending aggregator, but have built at a rapid pace to now act as a general DeFi aggregation platform, or as we call ‘Full Stack DeFi’, to include ETH mixers & on-chain privacy protocols, buying insurance from providers for deposits on lending, mobile money credits to DeFi lending in Africa, Native Mobile App on Android and eventually a defi debit card.
All of our native components are decentralised and non-custodial.
As Gas Fees on the network increase, and companies are no longer to absorb the costs from their customers. is the only solution within the crypto space aggregating all functionality and reducing costs down for end users.
With our focus on privacy and anonymity, you can now access on-chain and off-chain privacy solutions before and after lending, purchasing insurance and accessing derivatives.
The days of switching between multiple browsers, apps and waiting for a series of transaction’s to confirm are becoming relegated to the past.
Our focus is on making DeFi accessible and powerful for enterprises. We're achieving this through developing a series of usable products.

Within our DeFi Platform, the following dApps are live:

  • ADD Lending; Enabling direct interaction Major DeFi lending protocols
  • ADD Staking Liquidity; Enabling $ADD holders to earn more ADD
  • ADD Privacy: OpenVPN, Tor Network, Aztec Protocol, Camoflag.eth,
  • ADD Aggregated Governance
  • ADD Africa Mobile Lending - CeFi Mobile Credits to DeFi Bridge
  • ADD Privacy - (Native Mixer) Bl3nd3r (Blender)
  • ADD Mobile App

In Progress:

  • ADD DeFi Debit Cards
  • ADD-as-a-Service for exchanges (SDK)
  • ADD DEX aggregator
  • ADD Insurance: Nexus Mutual, Opyn


As an agnostic DeFi Full-stack platform, we are only competitive with ourselves on developing solutions to advance the DeFi space. is a full-stack DeFi aggregator, plugging in multiple products and DeFi applications into one single platform, focusing on User Experience, Design, Privacy and Anonymity. We have completed various integrations within the platform and continue to expand with new DeFi features and protocols being added every week.

Our Products


We come from a product background and realise the importance of having a well defined, thought out product strategy and roadmap. Learn more about it over here:
Find out more about our product and the problems we're trying to solve
Get details about about who's using our payroll product and how it's helping them
Details about how we're aiming to execute on our roadmap moving forward
How we think about the scalability challenge


People are the most important part of a crypto network. Over here you'll find all the resources required to make a difference and contribute to our mission:
Get answers to questions you might have about the project


The ADD token is a way to bring the community together and create co-ordination at a wider scale. Over here you'll get details about more finer details such as the distribution of the token, how it'll be used etc.
How we're using our tokens and why
Full transparency about who it was sold to and when
Protection against short-term price speculation
Stake ADD tokens to generate rewards
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