Frequently Asked Questions


Why is focusing on Lending first?

DeFi Lending is a very competitive space and all manners of products and protocols are trying to capture the market share. This is the case for a reason - with lot of crypto savings in stable coins like DAI and USDC, the Lending use case in DeFi has risen to prominence as it allows anyone to Lend and Earn on their idle assets. wants to capture the value through it's aggregated protocol. Hence, the focus on our flagship project is Lending.

Can 3rd parties integrate into the protocol/network?

Yes. The plug and play nature of the infrastructure will allow for developer communities, existing system integrators and enterprise solutions to use our protocol and network.

What does the protocol achieve?

The protocol layer sits between the product layer and the network. It allows for a modular architecture and will be the only access to the network layer.

Our current protocol built on Ethereum purpose-built smart contracts enables the use cases targeted around payments, starting with, but not limited to the following:

Additionally, aims to make available SDKs for third parties to integrate the protocol with their own Dapps.

Where can I find a development roadmap?

The Roadmap can be found here

What is the total supply of ADD tokens?

10,366,071.23 ADD tokens.

Explain how ADD tokens work?

The ADD token is a multi-utility token that will be used to govern the decentralised payment network. ADD will have the following uses:

  1. Burn

  2. Bonding and Governance

  3. Network Fee

  4. Staking

Can I mine ADD tokens?

No, the total supply of the ADD tokens is fixed and there is no continuous issuance model. plans to implement a PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus model to ensure the security of the network. Participants on the PoS that forge transactions may be eligible for transaction fees denominated in ADD tokens as more activity is generated.

Token / Raise

What will the token launch proceeds be used for?

The token launch will be distribution will be as follows:

Token Allocation






Employees & Affiliates


Advisors & Key Backers




Ecosystem & Developer Fund


Community & Strategic Partners




BD & Marketing


Will there be a lockup period for ADD tokens prior to main-net deployment?

Tokens on sale will be fully unlocked.

Seed Round and Private Round Tokens sold in the seed round will be part of a bonded contract that can be made fully liquid by transferring them to an un-bonded contract, which will be applicable to a bridge fee schedule.

Will there be a lockup period for tokens allocated to the founding team?

Yes. ADD tokens allocated to founders, employees and affiliates will have a lock up of 1.5 years followed by a 10% release in monthly instalments.

Advisors and Key backers will have a lock up of 1 year with 25% being released half-yearly after the 1st year.

How does the Bridge Fee model for token lock-ups work?

ADD tokens purchased will be 100% unlocked upon Token Generation Event

Tokens sold in the Seed Round and Private Rounds have a 'fair price' model has put in place through the Bridge Fee mechanism where tokens from the both rounds, if liquidated, will have to cross a bridge.

The bridge fee will be on a diminishing scale starting from a certain percentage (dependent on round) in the first month decreasing to 0% after 9 months. This will enable ensure the token holders are incentivised to hold tokens whilst we build out the project and attain significant traction.

Tokens from the seed round and private round will be vested in a bonded contract, and any liquidity will materialise once the tokens are transferred to an un-bonded contract after paying the bridge fee.

Which cryptocurrencies will be accepted in the token launch?



Where is based?

We're a fully distributed team with team members all over the world. Our legal entity is based in the British Virgin Islands.

How can I get involved?

Join our Telegram and Twitter! will rely on a worldwide community of passionate enterprises and developers to contribute proposals, ideas and code. Get in touch if you wish to:

  • Are an enterprise that would like a pilot with one of our use-cases (payroll, lending, monitoring etc.)

  • Are a member of the developer community that would like to integrate with our protocol and network

  • Are enthusiastic about the project and wish to work with us

  • Are a member of our community and would like to help us achieve specific goals on our roadmap

  • Are excited about the future of blockchain and would like to help in any way you can

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