'Lend & Earn' sign-up campaign

T&Cs - Campaign details

  1. A total of $1000 in ADD Tokens up for grabs

  2. Two competitions will be held to select the winners - Lucky Draw (3 winners) and Highest

    Referrals (2 winners)

  3. Lucky Draw

    1. Three winners will be selected in a lottery, based on the following criteria:

    2. Each participant on the waitlist will have to forward a referral to at least 2 other


    3. Each of the referrals have to register on the waitlist 4. Winners: 3 winners x $100 each

  4. Highest Referrals

    1. Two winners will be selected based on the top referral participants (in case of a tie, the

      winnings will be split)

    2. Each of the participant from the winning entries may be subject to a KYC check

    3. First Winner: $450; Second Winner: $250

  5. Competition closes on the 31st Dec 2019.

All decisions pertaining to selection, identification and finalisation of the winners through the campaign will be at the discretion of ADD.xyz Team.

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