- Full Stack

An overview of the ADD ecosystem


Below is a structure about how we see the entire stack and its various components.

Products exists as a suite of decentralised applications that are extremely easy to use for enterprises. The first flagship product is payroll, followed by loans and derivatives.

Aggregator layer provides a single interface and set of smart contracts to source liquidity and the best prices for enterprises to lend.

Protocol layer is utilised by the aggregator layer to draw upon a combination of open-source protocols for lending, exchanges, derivatives and more. has also developed their own payments protocol that offers options to make flexible payments with the ability to execute different types of schedules and currencies in them. Built upon a standard framework comprised of Ethereum smart contracts and front-end libraries.

Base layer is to tap into various blockchains for their unique strengths. Ethereum is used for its programmability, Binance DEX for liquidity and Facebook’s Libra for mainstream distribution. Full Stack Platform

Over the next year, the team are progressing towards the solidification of DeFi API's across the space within our Full Stack Platform. Users will be able to use all functionality from within one single place.

Our flagship MVP/Product began with our Lending Platform available at We are now moving towards the second phase with an aggressive development plan to build out the following components and functionality:

  • Aggregated DeFi Lending, Insurance & Privacy

  • Lending: Compound, DyDx, BZX, Aave, &

  • Insurance: Nexus Mutual, Opyn

  • Privacy: OpenVPN, Tor Network, Aztec Protocol, Camoflag.eth,

  • DEX:

  • Fiat to Crypto Savings Bridge ( CeFi Bridge)

  • Lending - CeFi Mobile Credits to DeFi Bridge ( CeFi Bridge)

  • DeFi Debit Cards

  • Privacy - (Native Mixer) Bl3nd3r (Blender)

  • ADD-as-a-Service for exchanges (SDK)

  • Mobile App

Lend & Earn (Live)'s lending product 'Lend & Earn' will allow for consumers to select the best DeFi lending protocols in a simple 3-step process. Their lending portfolio along with the interest earned will be displayed in an easy to monitor and understand interface.

Lend and Earn: (Click 'Start Lending')

Key features of the product include:

  • Aggregate industry's leading Lending protocols like Compound and dYdX.

  • Simple user experience and easy to use user interface without any extra download.

  • Earn the best available interest rates from your browser. - Account Summary Bl3nd3r (Blender)' Bl3nd3r Mixer within the Full Stack Platform

What is a cryptocurrency mixer?

It’s relatively straightforward to track a users spending habits on the blockchain. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions are publicly visible. Only one transaction is needed to trace back and expose the full transaction history of the user.

Mixers are one of multiple solutions which have been developed over the past few years.

A transaction mixer works by mixing together the deposits from multiple pseudo anonymous users, before the transaction arrives at the designated recipient address. Once mixed, it becomes mathematically challenging due to the cryptographic mathematics used to mask the users and their transactions. Knowing who the users are and the amounts is near impossible.'s Bl3nd3r mixes transactions using zero-knowledge proofs, which obfuscates users and their deposited assets. By using smart contracts, depositors have some level of transparency in having third-parties verify that those contracts work as intended, while still keeping user privacy intact.

Most importantly, as a decentralised anonymizing software, there are no third parties which take custody of your assets or are able to execute administrator operations in order to disrupt the process. Your funds are unconfiscatable.

Users of our Bl3nd3r will be able to mix Ethereum and DAI initially.

Other Products

1. Derivatives: Utilise and execute DeFi derivatives instantly with full transparency across your open trade positions. Hedge and manage risk.

2. ADD-as-a-Service: Integrate our smart contracts into wallets, exchanges and other service providers - bridging stagnant liquidity pools with DeFi.