ADD Governance Aggregation Platform

DeFi'ng Governance

Towards Aggregated DeFi governance

We need to do more to bring other DeFi projects to implement an open, transparent governance system like ours, we need an interconnected way of doing governance together.

This is why will also use any stake-holder allocated assets provided to by protocols like Compound, Dydx, Aave and others, and allow users to influence in other projects’ proposals using the ADD stake. Users can also delegate their voting rights to the ADD address in order to combine voting power and weighting.

For example; users will be able propose “solidarity voting actions” on our platform, by mobilising supporting or against proposal actions on Compound’s Governance Proposal plan.

Using the Governance Aggregation Dashboard

Here at the team, we have developed a very special governance aggregation dashboard within our platform. We realised that accessing multiple governance platforms for different projects was a burden on users, scrolling through platforms and websites to try find buried links, clicking through clunky and poorly designed UI/UX is aggravating. So instead, we've aggregated proposals across multiple platforms, and also allow users to add projects into our spaces and upload proposals from an ever-increasing ecosystem of governance projects.

Users can now vote all in one place, utilising another one of our DeFi products.

Users can inspect active and closed proposals across different projects, select individual proposals and vote directly into the proposal smart contracts, for and against as they wish. We operate a non-custodial solution, so users assets are not taken through any smart contracts of our own, simply to the projects proposal smart contracts.

As a safety precaution, we carry out a vetting process on all projects and proposals added to the dashboard to ensure they are legitimate

Users can view information in full proposed with the proposal details as well as votes for and against in real time, contract address origination for cross-checking and start/end times.

Testing Governance

We’ll be rewarding users who participate in the testing of the governance system; Governance Plans, Voting, Defeating Plans, Time Lock Contracts & Our unique ‘Solidarity voting actions’ over the next few months - Stay tuned for more!

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