Community Beta Program

What is this for?

Speaking with customers is a crucial element of software development that is sorely overlooked within the blockchain space. Not only is speaking with customers essential for trying out the product, but it is also a key aspect of user-centered design. By allowing our community to give feedback about, we will both gain valuable feedback and catch outlying software glitches. This will enable our designers to further refine our interface, giving the intuitive, seamless experience that blockchain requires. User feedback is crucial if we are to bring distributed finance to everyone.

Why are you doing it?

We will speaking with customers to validate some product decisions but also deploy working versions on test infrastructure of our community to try out. Each new version will incorporate improvements based on the previous round of testing and feedback. We will continue to add features and will open the process to increasing numbers of users.

What can I get from it?

The idea is to build a small, but effective and growing community so that we are able to work on multiple iterations of the product. Payouts for designated tasks will be rewarded based on complexity, priority and severity of tasks, such as, validation of functionality, focus on user- centered design and design and code bugs.

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