Panda Network

This is not an airdrop or bounty campaign. This is a way to foster organic community growth.

What is it?

The Panda Networkis our way of creating an engaged community but also incentivising them.

How it it different to an airdrop/bounty campaign?

Good question.

Most projects treat their community members as mercenaries to shill the project on social media, collect their bounty and move on. At, we want our community to be a fun place to hang out and contribute towards the project.

What can I get withs?

Each panda will be redeemable for 5 cents worth of tokens once the token generation event occurs.

How do I start earnings?

Simple. Simply message @PlutusPandaBot on Telegram to get started. You'll need to verify yourself as a human at the very minimum though.

What are the incentives offered by the Panda Network?

The is generous and partial to the community. A total of $15,000 will be made available to be distributed in tokens.

The campaign will run until TGE, but rewards will be calculated daily and incentives for the top community members on the leaderboard will be available on a monthly basis.

All members of the Panda Network based on the accrued points will be distributed the rewards proportionally. The top 10 on the leaderboard will have a special reward outside of the budgeted rewards.


are peaceful, and usually avoid confrontation. And as cuddly as the may look, they will swiftly deal with the specific members to ensure there is peace and calm in the community.

They will:

1. Not allow the community to be infiltrated with bots 2. Take final decisions on the matter of rewards to the members of the community. The admins' subjective and creative judgement will be final